Top-Notch Landscaping Materials

Solutions From Top-Caliber Gardening Pros

With top-tier landscaping materials at your disposal and reliable assistance from our team of seasoned gardening specialists, you can never go wrong. Find all the materials, tools, and technology that allow you to create and maintain beautiful landscapes in one place – only at Shell-Ross Co. in Pine Bluff, AR.

Mulch: Lay the Best Foundation

Provide landscapes with a sturdy foundation capable of trapping moisture and enhancing the growth of foliage on trees and bushes. Our mulch is easy to install and maintain. Find mulch options in a variety of types and colors.

High-Quality Dirt and Soil

Shape your landscape to match the topography that you have in mind. Top your garden with high-quality dirt and soil that allows new plants to get sufficient nutrients that enhance growth. Available in bags, dirt, soil, and filler materials allow you to shape gardens to conform to the landscaping design that you desire.

Fabric for More Protection

Prevent weeds and other unwanted growth from harming plants using specialized fabrics that protect landscaped areas. Make sure that your garden soil has a solid foundation crucial to succeeding planting projects. We offer all types of landscaping fabrics.

Tools and Supplies

Work smarter and get all landscaping tasks done faster. We have edgers, tillers, trowels, wheelbarrows, and a host of other vital tools and supplies that you need to create and maintain landscaped areas.

Sod: Get Rid of Unsightly Lawn Spots

Say goodbye to crabgrass and replace unappealing areas in lawns with freshly laid sod. We offer sod rolls ready to be laid and shaped to improve those empty, bleak spots in your yard. Call us for all your lawn care and maintenance project needs.

Referrals to Trustworthy Contractors

Not only do we provide you with the materials, tools, and assistance with all manner of landscaping issues, we also help you get in touch with trustworthy landscape contractors from our vast network of service providers. Ask us for vendor referrals on projects that might be beyond the scope of our offerings.

To inquire about landscaping tools, materials, and solutions for large-scale landscaping requirements, call us at 870-534-1873.