Frozen Food Products

Find a Delightful Variety of Treats!

Are you at a loss about what to have for dinner tonight after a tiring day at work? Worry no more and find a delectable array of frozen food products that you can choose from. Come to Shell-Ross Co. in Pine Bluff, AR and sample the new products we have in store for you.

Garden Fresh Vegetables

Shelled, washed, blanched, flash frozen.

  • 10# Purple Hull Peas
  • 10# Speckled Butter Beans
  • 10# Baby Limas
  • 10# Brown Crowder
  • 10# Lady Peas
  • 10# Zipper Cream Peas
  • 10# Cut Corn
  • 10# Cut Okra
  • 10# Green Beans
  • 10# Cut Squash
  • 10# Butter Peas
  • & LOTS MORE!
Shell-Ross Co.

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